Fresh & Raw 09 - DBAOLA [ENGLISH]

The bass music community in Vietnam has always been a mystery with countless young talents developing silently and waiting for the boom.
Nguyễn Văn Toán 21 tháng 05,2020

Today, coming to the latest issue of the exclusive radio show at Loop Central - Fresh & Raw, we will learn about one of the leading names of the current bass music Vietnam community - DJ, producer DBAOLA. Who is he? What is his story like? Let's find out now!

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Loop Central – Fresh & Raw is a program that introduces music, images, and contents towards young Vietnamese artists. The show is where Vietnamese listeners and electronic music fans can enjoy the mix set and read exclusive interviews; where artists can share their stories, styles, and images through music. Besides, Fresh & Raw is a place for the Vietnamese audience to discover the variety of EDM and from there welcome new artists and new music waves. The meaning behind the name Fresh & Raw: The combination of two adjectives used to describe things which are new but not complete, just like the young artists in Vietnam. They are people with many talents and potentials but not yet widely-known; they have not been fully supported by the Vietnamese audience as well as the entertainment industry. With Fresh & Raw, Loop Central hopes that our beloved audience can find the “rough gems”, and to create a premise for these artists to practice and improve their identity in both Vietnamese and international eyes.

Fresh & Raw: Interview with DBAOLA

Who is DBAOLA? Phan Hoang Duong, also known by his stage name DBAOLA, is the founder of JAUNTY MANIACS, one of the most famous electronic music teams in Vietnam. He started his music career in 2016 and it has gradually grown since he was playing warm-up set for Marshmello at "Lost In Music Festival". In March 2017, DBAOLA and JAUNTY MANIACS released the first dubstep EP in Vietnam, called "Great Again EP". The group's first show, "Diary Of Maniacs: Manique", became one of the biggest bass music parties in Vietnam in 2017, attracting more than 1,000 participants.  width= As a successful DJ in the bass music field, DBAOLA always brings epic and energetic performances whenever he appears at big parties such as Ravolution, Quest Festival, Mo Concert, Vibes Nation, Trap Room Series, Headbangers Reunion Series, Back To Da Bass (EPTIC), ... He is also one of the co-founders of Headbangers, the largest bass music community in Vietnam. Moreover, during his music production career, he has had the opportunity to collaborate with such names as Da LAB, Tam Ka PKL, DJ Hoang Anh, ... On March 16, 2018, at his own concert, DBAOLA released their first EP called "Atmosphere", which was released on Complexity. And most recently, DBAOLA had a very epic and fiery music set at MAYA Music Festival Thailand, proud to represent Vietnam on the same stage with big names like ILLENIUM, Headhunterz, R3HAB,...

1. When did you start making music, and why did you choose the name DBAOLA as your stage name?

I liked music since I was very young, but it wasn't until the end of 2015 that I had the opportunity to learn and develop my passion. Still, the same story when I was young, I was crazy about chocolate but because I couldn't pronounce "S", and somehow I called this "Baola" *laughs*, then from childhood to adult, the whole neighborhood call me "Baola", this is the name and also the first impression that so many people know about me through it. Later when I pursued a musical career, I decided to choose the name DBaola (Duong Baola) to accompany me.

2. What or who is the biggest source of inspiration for your creativity? Why?

I really don't know where this creativity comes from. When I put my beliefs and emotions in music, it answered me somehow and everything went on in my mind, then I just needed to express it through the knowledge I had and passed on to everyone around.

3. How did your friends and family react when you knew you were a producer? Do they have any objections or support?

I felt that I was quite lucky, I remember once when I was traveling with my family, that moment my song was playing in my parents' playlist, this was probably very fun and one of the most supportive moment that I've got.  width=

4. Let's try to learn something other than DBAOLA music, what is your favorite food? Why?

I'm not sure what my favorite food is, *laughs* ... but if I think of it right now, I think any dish my relatives make I'd like!!!

5. When you don't make music or feel compulsive, what do you do to relax?

Racing, but on the computer because it's really dangerous to race outside, *laughs*. Besides, it's also a good idea to travel with friends or go to the art history museum.

6. You recently released a remix of the song Only Now by Seven Lions, can you tell me a little bit about the process of making this product?

It's very rare for me to make a song that has a person sitting next to me to cheer me on during the work, which also creates a rather special feeling that helps the compose to have more depth... and about the song, I made a total of 3 different versions for drop 1, and 4 different versions for drop 2. Then I choose the one that I feel is the most right for me!  width=

7. Try recounting a memorable live performance memory.

Probably the most recent concert at the Maya Music Festival - Thailand. This is the first time I was able to stand on a big stage in a foreign country, at the beginning I was quite nervous at the stage but then I regained my confidence because beside me was my lover and a cameraman - a relative of mine, both 2 has strengthened my spirit quite a number of times. Also, everyone in this country is also very friendly and enthusiastic, the music gout is also new to me, and there is one thing that I really like is the food, the food here is very delicious *laugh* ... And in the future, if I choose a country to perform I think I will choose Thailand.

8. DBAOLA also has a lot of fans, so how do you feel about them?

I am a shy person, but there are many people who actively ask about me and also support my music, this is fun and also a great motivation for me to keep doing things I love. I personally find myself very lucky because there are so many enthusiastic and lovely people around me! I would like to thank everyone who supported me during the past time!

9. The last question, do you have any plans or products cherishing in the future?

This time I also have a lot of new products waiting for release, a lot of different topics such as ethnic culture, social life, or fiction topics ... In addition, I will also combine with some artists from home and abroad, stay tuned!


01. Sex Whales – Friends Don’t Lie (feat. Earsley) 02. memphis. – Glory Road 03. Reaubeau – Freedom 04. Quix – Gunning For You (feat. Nevve) 05. Tisoki – See You Again (feat. David Kuncio) 06. Blvk Jvck – LUCKY (feat. Tay Money) (Snavs Remix) 07. Snavs – I Can Feel 08. DBAOLA – Next Level 09. Travis Scott – NO BYSTANDERS 10. Mesqo – Going Dummy (feat. Shoganai) 11. TroyBoi – The Truth 12. Gummy Kid – Reggae 13. Lookas – Voodoo 14. RL Grime – Core (Prismo Remix) 15. Fellsius – 128 BPM 16. Cursor – Makin’ Moves (feat. Moeazy) 17. RDHS – Slay Dem 18. Blackbear – hot girl bummer 19. Prismo – Someday 20. Blvd. – Lights Out 21. DBaola – Hyung 22. DBaola – 111 (Unreleased) 23. TRIPLE D – SS BADBOYZ (DBaola REMIX) 24. DBaola – UNDERWORLD 25. REAPER, Awoltalk – Hysteria 25. DBaola – NOISY 26. Seven Lions – Only Now (DBaola Remix) FOLLOW DBAOLA Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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