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Nicky Romero - Exclusive Interview at 'Lost In Ravolution' Vietnam

Nguyễn Văn Toán 26 tháng 09,2017
Nicky Romero, definitely one of the most famous and talented Producers/DJs in the world, label-boss of Protocol Recordings shared some of his experiences and plans. Interview by Loop Central & AsiadanceTV at Lost in Ravolution Music Festival in Hanoi, Vietnam.  width= Ravolution Music Festival by Jetstar (RMF) with their latest music festival, Lost In Ravolution in collaboration with LIM Entertainment (Lost In Music), gave Vietnamese dance music fans a massive feast, bring some of the world's most talented DJs & Producers: Alan WalkerSam Feldt, MAKJ and headliner Nicky Romero. The festival was held in the stadium of Culture, Information and Sports Center of Tay Ho. Nicky Romero did not disappoint the Vietnamese audience with the energy in his music and performance. In past 5 years since he started his own record label Protocol Recordings, Nicky Romero has been passionately developing and spreading the genres of Electro House & Progressive House around the world. As part of lead up to the RMF, we quickly interviewed Nicky Romero at his hotel where he opened up and shared his thoughts and feelings about dance music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0QBNe1k_NU
  • Hello Nicky, my name is Linh. Welcome to Vietnam.
Nicky Romero: Oh hi Linh, how are you?
  • I'm good, thank you. I’ve seen many clips on Twitter, Instagram… You were injured during your set at Ultra China. How do you feel now? Can you tell us what happened?
Nicky Romero: (laugh) Thank you. Yeah, it’s good and it’s going well. We have been to the hospital because the doctor thought it was broken on stage but fortunately it was not. We made a picture on it in the hospital. And after this, they told us it’s find but I needed a lot of rest and a lot of ice. So now it’s already going better. I can walk normal but jumping is not so good.
  • This is your first time in Vietnam, right? And what are your first impressions of the country?
Nicky Romero: Ah…m well, I have to be really honest with you. I have not seen so much of the country yet. So I just arrived and we went straight to the hotel but what I saw from the road towards the hotel. I saw a lot of houses and the houses were very, very small. You know, with us in Holland, the houses are very wide but here they seem very narrow and very high. So this is something that I noticed….uhm. Yes, it is very cool to learn about the culture here.
  • What do you think of the Asian dance music market?
Nicky Romero: I think the Asian music market for us is really important. EDM seems to really take off here. And I really see the value of touring here because the fans are very dedicated. Um… more than in Europe. Asian market for us are more dedicated than Europe. People once they know you they really embrace you and they make you there which is for us really special.  width=
  • Who do you mean? Me? (Lol)
Nicky Romero: Yeah (Lol)
  • You must be proud of Protocol Recordings, the label has been doing very well for the past 5 years since started. Do you have any plans for Protocol Recordings in Asia?
Nicky Romero: Well, we just... We just release a special album for Asian market which is done by AVEX in Japan with a lot of selections, actually special tracks for Asian market but you know, we would love to receive some tracks from, for example, Vietnamese producers, you know, to signed with Protocol also, to see if we can work together, you know, and… to have some Asian talents on the labour as well. It would be great so I hope that. A lot of producers from Asia send their songs.
  • Are they well as Raiden, Florian Picasso?
Nicky Romero: Yes. Well, Florian Picaso, of course like a ... I think he is a half Vietnamese, you know ?
  • Yes, he is a half Vietnamese and a half French. (Fix: Florian Picasso is fully Vietnam but raised in France)
Nicky Romero:  Well I have a song with him and it is coming now, a collaboration, and uhm, Raiden, of course, he is a really good friend from Korea.  width=
  • In 2016 & 2017, you have played many new genres like hardstyle, future bass, ect… during your sets. While maintaining your roots and expertise with progressive house and electro, are you trying expand your music as well as Protocol in times to come?
Nicky Romero: You mean genres? 
  • Yes.
Nicky Romero: Well, I think around this time I,... it is very very accepted to play anything you want, instead of sticking to your own styles and now I think fans are more open to listen to different kind of styles, for example: Trap DJs can play hardstyle, hiphop, house music. So I try to ... just play everything that I like now. Sometime it is hardstyle, sometimes it is house and of course I will always play music from Protocol or myself.
  • In this year, you said that you would collab with Steve Aoki, Afrojack and other labelmates, can you tell us what we can expect?
Nicky Romero: This year?
  • Yep
Nicky Romero: There is a song coming up with Steve Aoki .When exactly? I don’t know the exact date to be honest with you. Uhm.. the one with Afrojack. Well, that is still pending, we are still trying to find a studio date because it is very busy so much on schedule. But it might happen on later this year. Next to that, the one with Florian Picaso is coming up soon. There is a collab with Teamworx coming in this month. And I date to release my remix for The Chainsmokers. So that one is not out yet.
  • Is it 'Young'?
Nicky Romero: Yeah you know?
  • Yep, I really like it.
Nicky Romero: Oh really? (laugh)
  • Sure. Thank you for the interview and we are very excited for your performance tonight. And I will back to the venue to enjoy the show. Good luck and take care for your health.
Nicky Romero: Nice to meet you. I can give you a hug. 
  • Thank you. Nice to meet you, too.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5DrHVz7PMo We would like to show our thanks to RMF by Jestar | Lost in Ravolution and friends helped us making this interview possible. Moments from Nicky Romero's set, photos by Sam Hansel Photoworks.  width=  width=  width=  width=

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