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[Interview] What's Next For Wired Music Week After WMW Session Vietnam 2018?

Nguyễn Văn Toán 19 tháng 12,2018
Asia's electronic dance music scene is growing exponentially, Wired Music Week aims to be the one-stop hub for regional DJs, Producers and industry experts to learn, connect and grow. After the booming success of WMW Session Vietnam 2018, gathering the best of of both seasoned and upcoming international and local artists such as: Brooks, MYRNE, Kid Massive, Touliver, GETLOOZE, and others, loopcentral.net had the chance to sit down with the Founder of Wired Music Week, John Beh, the man with great vision behind Asia's leading music conference for electronic music. We discussed about his experience at WMW Session Vietnam, organized by 1900, BeatVN and loopcentral.net on November 11th, and also what is to be expected at Wired Music Week Kuala Lumpur 2019. Grab your WMW 2019 tickets at: http://wmw.my/tickets  width=

1. How did WMW and WMW Session Vietnam came about?

Wired Music Week sparked from an honest motive in aspiring to connect the present and future generation of music industry leaders in building a foundation for a sustainable career in the modern music scene. The campaign was created in the mind of developing a solid bridge to connect the Western culture to Asian cultivation within the music industry. WMW Session is an extension of WMW and was initiated to develop a crash course to provide assistance to reach out to those who are not able to make it to the annual Wired Music Week event due to financial resources or travelling restrictions.

2. How was your experience at WMW Session Vietnam?

The overall experience was amazing! To be able to see over 200 individuals from different backgrounds sharing their interests and knowledge on the modern electronic music scene was eye opening to my team and I. It amazes me how the passion and love for this industry surpasses the language barrier amongst the organizers, speakers, artists, and attendees during WMW Session Vietnam.

3. What were some of the most important things that you picked out from WMW Session Vietnam that you think should be a focus on?

WMW’s aim is to serve as a one-stop hub for music enthusiasts to learn, network, develop, and advance as a community. I think what is worth mentioning about the first edition of WMW Session in Vietnam is that many first-timers exposed to this scene were very willing to share their knowledge and skills with others. Their keen approach to learning from seasoned musicians and seniors in this industry led them to have an open-mindedness in receiving feedback and mentoring in order to proceed further in this music and entertainment field.  width=

4. Where do you think Vietnam stand in the South East Asian electronic music market?

With so many SEA regions diving deeper into the electronic music scene, Vietnam has definitely seen its peaks and bumps along the journey within the electronic music market. The prominent names performing here in recent years proves that the Vietnamese EDM scene is increasing in popularity. Overall, I think that Vietnam has a huge potential in advancing in this industry, however, there is still room for improvement.

5. Asian talents are on the rise and sometimes find it difficult to rise above and stand out in the international scope. What do WMW and the WMW Sessions hope to achieve for these artists?

Although it is known to many that the Western scene is a more seasoned veteran in the electronic music field, we hope that through WMW, Asia will have a more solid stance in advancing and forming our own music hub. As each country has their own unique sound, we hope that artists and music enthusiasts across Asia get a better opportunity to share their own music style, culture, and uniqueness; using WMW as a stepping stone in connecting cross-cultural differences of this industry to the world.

6. Having experience working with both young and major electronic/pop artists, what advices can you give to artists in the SEA region?

Hard work pays off. As a budding musician/ artist, it is important for one to put their minds straight in order to set a goal and actually draw out a plan to achieve it. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and so is anyone’s dreams of being successful. If you’re going to talk the talk, make sure you’re able to walk the walk and actually put plans into actions to succeed in your goals.  width=

7. What are some differences between WMW Sessions and the main Wired Music Week in Kuala Lumpur?

I guess the main difference at the moment is that the duration of Wired Music Week in Kuala Lumpur enables the organizing team to plan out a more holistic program for attendees in experiencing a full four-day multifunctional course in learning and connecting more with veterans in the same field. Having said so, we try our best to bring a thorough learning experience for those participating at WMW Sessions; despite being a one-day crash course, we still yearn for all the attendees to receive the best that WMW may offer.

8. What can we expect from WMW 2019 in KL?

WMW 2019 will be bigger and better! Our team will be expanding and you will expect to see more artists, speakers, and significant panelists at the conference. Definitely a twist of fun side activities and games to balance out the serious educational portion as well. You’ll just have to stay tuned and get excited for what’s installed for WMW 2019! Phase 2 ticket sales have started so make sure to get your passes now at wiredmusicweek.com! Wired Music Week just announced the Phase 1 line up for WMW 2019, including: UBERJAKD, SIKH, RAYRAY, Rave Republic, along with music industry experts from Armada Music, Barong Family, 2-Dutch Music Group and more. Tickets are sold at: http://wmw.my/tickets Wired Music Week 2019 will be held in Kuala Lumpur from March 7th-10th. Check out the Wired Music Week Facebook page for more! https://www.facebook.com/WiredMusicWeek/videos/2076134005785867/

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