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[ Interview ] Vietnamese-Swedish Producer Stephan Duy Remixes Marcus Schossow & Corey James - Time Goes By

Nguyễn Văn Toán 28 tháng 06,2018
It's always a pleasure to see many young talents coming from Vietnam getting their names out there and representing Vietnam internationally. Most recently, we had a small chat with the Vietnamese - Swedish DJ / Producer, Stephan Duy, with his latest remix for Marcus Schossow & Corey James "Time Goes By". Stephan Duy recently released for Marcus Schossow & Corey James "Time Goes By" on Marcus's label, Code Red Music. The Deep House / Melodic Techno Remix features the rolling bassline, deep and atmospheric sounds, creating a darker scenery, emphasizing the vocals by the Vietnamese-Swedish talent. https://open.spotify.com/track/39dhUwYJDlU7yzWOf3OtFT?si=PVBUq-KVSJGobQb-K_xnsQ Loop Central recently had the chance to talk to Stephan Duy so our audience can know him and his music better! Why did you choose the name “Stephan Duy”? It certainly helped us finding out that you are Vietnamese! I wanted the artist name to have a personal connection to me. My parents are both Catholics so I was given a baptist name, which is Stephan. Usually, I just go by the name ’’Tam’’ here in Sweden so I thought my middle name ’’Duy’’ would be a nice change, and I also think that name looks interesting on print.

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Some keywords that defines “Stephan Duy’s” music? I think one of the keywords that would describe my music is the word ’’vibe’’. It has been an essential keyword that is implemented in all of my productions. Another keyword would probably be ’’danceable’’. If I can’t even move to my own tracks, how can I expect other people to do that as well? https://soundcloud.com/coderedworld/stephan-duy-jaipur How does growing up in Sweden help you establishing your sounds? Growing up in Sweden gave me an opportunity to get myself involved in music on a general basis. I went to an upper secondary school with music production as the main subject, which gave me a springboard to make electronic music on a daily basis. Being surrounded by different types of music my whole life has given me a lot of knowledge of various genres, which has helped me during experimentation with different sounds in my productions.  width= Some artists that you are inspired by at the moment? I think it’s very hard to just pick out a couple of artists that inspire me, as my inspiration really comes from everything and everyone. But if I have to pick out an artist that has influenced my music, it would probably be Marcus Schössow. He’s the guy who got me interested in house music while I was still making trance music. Anyway, if you’re interested in my current influences you can follow my new Spotify playlist in which I collect my favorite tunes. https://open.spotify.com/user/mhucy8u7r0kvtbi1w3p94cd78/playlist/2UCIMfyovN3ubaWtomzQjb?si=BhXhFR7OR6Od0zPrmQY2Rw Any plans for 2018? Will there be a chance for you to come to Vietnam and perform one day? All I can say right now is that there will be more music coming up this year. I can’t confirm anything yet. As for me coming to Vietnam and play gigs, there is nothing planned for that at the moment but I would love to play there in the future. Thanks Stephan Duy for a great chat and we hope to hear more from you in the future, possibly some shows in Vietnam!
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