Fresh & Raw 08 - Gotez [ENGLISH]

After a period of delays for couple of reasons, the exclusive radio show for electronic music talents in Vietnam by Loop Central called Fresh & Raw has returned with a completely new face.
Nguyễn Văn Toán 04 tháng 05,2020

This is one of the first 3 young Vietnamese artists to have their music released on the famous record label Spinnin ’Records. So who is this mysterious face? What is his story like? Let's find out right below!

Fresh & Raw - Where You Find Your Favorite Music.

Loop Central – Fresh & Raw is a program that introduces music, images, and contents towards young Vietnamese artists. The show is where Vietnamese listeners and electronic music fans can enjoy the mix set and read exclusive interviews; where artists can share their stories, styles, and images through music. Besides, Fresh & Raw is a place for the Vietnamese audience to discover the variety of EDM and from there welcome new artists and new music waves. The meaning behind the name Fresh & Raw: The combination of two adjectives used to describe things which are new but not complete, just like the young artists in Vietnam. They are people with many talents and potentials but not yet widely-known; they have not been fully supported by the Vietnamese audience as well as the entertainment industry. With Fresh & Raw, Loop Central hopes that our beloved audience can find the “rough gems”, and to create a premise for these artists to practice and improve their identity in both Vietnamese and international eyes.

Fresh & Raw: Interview with Gotez

Who is Gotez? Duong Le, also known by his stage name Gotez, is one of the brightest young talents in the current Vietnamese electronic music market. He first knew he belonged to the world of electronic music when listening to the song "Animals" by Martin Garrix, from which Duong began to study music production and began DJing in 2015. After years of searching and self-learning, Gotez's efforts paid off when the song "Moving On" in collaboration with Steji has received much attention from the Vietnamese electronic music community. In 2020, Gotez's talent is recognized by big domestic and foreign artists such as Get Looze, Gaztik, Jay Eskar, Arcando, ... when he appeared on Spinnin' Record Asia - world's leading electronic music label with the song "Talking Head". The support from his friends and family is a great motivation for the young artist to continue trying and fulfilling his dream. 1. Can you introduce a little bit about yourself, your musical inspiration and why did you use the stage name Gotez to develop? I'm Duong a.k.a Gotez, I'm 17 years old, and I'm currently following Future House. I started making music when I was 12, my inspiration was the dynamism of electronic music and the community around it. My stage name is given to me by a friend and I decided to develop with this stage name because I feel like myself the most. 2. You have been exposed to music since you were very young, so do you feel this is an advantage and important to help you have an easy start? Exposure to music from an early age is not necessarily an advantage but it is quite important because it has influenced its view of music. When I first started to learn about this music production kind of thing, I didn't know anything about music, then I continued to learn and tinkering starting from scratch.  width=3. I think you have made so many products out of all 8 products, which track is your favorite, why? Definitely "Talking Head" because I really enjoyed the process of making this track. This is also the first project that I spend the most time, I spend approximately 20 hours on this project, listening to thousands of times until the quality of the song is as good as possible. 4. So how does it feel to appear on Spinnin Records Asia with "Talking Head"? Spinnin’ Records is my favorite label from the moment I came into contact with dance music. The day before appearing on Spinnin' was once the wildest dream for me, I thought I would never get up there and now, I'm still overwhelmed by the fact that this is the truth. 5. More details of the song "Talking Head" a little, can you talk about the inspiration and the story behind this song? First, when I started the project of "Talking Head", I remembered finding a sound lead that sounded like Jay Hardway's "Electric Elephants" and I wrote melody according to what I had in mind. I started doing this track in early 2018 and by the end of that year I reopened the project and finished it.  width=6. Who do you want to collaborate the most in the Vietnamese electronic music market today? I really want to work with the people I admire because of their music and who they are, the friends I currently have met in my career are the people I want to collaborate within the electronic music market from Vietnam 7. What are your plans? Can you share a little with the fans? I have not decided yet officially about the future, but I'm having a lot of new music, including genres that people may not expect that I do. I will continue to make music, learn, and experiment with new music. I can't wait to let everyone hear my upcoming projects!


Dropgun – Nobody Conor Ross & Roses – Every Way Gotez – Talking Head Bich Phuong x Mike Williams – Di Du Dua Di (Nimbia Mashup) Gotez – ID Magnus – Hands Up Gotez – ID ØRUC & Gotez – ID Gotez & Steji – ID Blinders – Relieve Mariline – Feels Good Mike Williams – Make You Mine SICK INDIVIDUALS, Nevve – Symphony Gotez – ID FOLLOW GOTEZ Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Spotify

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